A Quest for the Perfect Fabric / by Sabria McElroy

We wanted to give you all an update on our progress.  The past several weeks, we have been in contact with both domestic and international suppliers, trying to find that super soft fabric we promised, and trust me – we did! The process has taken awhile, as it usually does, because finding the right fabric is crucial when creating a children’s clothing line.


We found pima cotton from Peru that we fell in love with. It’s super soft and even better, we’ve found suppliers that produce the fabric organically! Now that we have nailed down suppliers, we have ordered sample yardage in order to create our first sample dress.


We are so excited to finally be able to see a sample of the dress in person, and not just on a computer screen. During this process, we will be testing the fit and looking at all of the specifications so that when we go to production, the dress will be the perfect fit for all of the little girls out there.
 Stay tuned so that we can share our excitement with you!