Born To Be is Back / by Sabria McElroy

Born To Be is back!  
Since we last spoke, my husband and I welcomed our second child – Gael!  After Gael was born at the beginning of the last year, I decided to put Born To Be on hold for a bit and take as much time as I could to soak up his cuteness. 


Even though there’s still a ton of cuteness to soak up, I’m ready to get Born To Be moving forward again! 
There are lots of challenging aspects to starting a sustainable clothing line - especially when you’re a full-time working mom with no fashion background and a lackluster / non-existent social media presence (like yours truly).   Fortunately, now I have some help from Annie, an awesome MBA student who will be taking the lead on Born To Be’s social media (yay!) and marketing.  
Expect a lot of exciting Born To Be developments in the next few months.  We’ll be showcasing Born To Be at local events, developing new designs, launching our social media, and looking for effective ways to partner and support local charities.
In the meantime, stay tuned for updates on our production journey and follow our Instagram account: @borntobeapparel   
As always, thanks for your continued support of Born To Be!