We create beautiful, comfortable clothes that little girls want to wear. Clothes that empower girls by showcasing their potential and highlighting their intelligence and curiosity. Clothes made in a socially responsible and sustainable way to ensure we set the right example and help preserve our resources for this next generation. Clothes that are inclusive of girls from all backgrounds.


Meet the Founder and CEO

Sabria McElroy is the founder and CEO of Born To Be. She is also a former public school teacher, a graduate of Yale Law School, a lawyer at one of the country’s leading law firms, and the proud mother of a 5 year old girl and 2 year old boy.  Her experience as a mother led her to create Born To Be.  While shopping for her daughter, Sabria noticed a lack of diversity in messages being sent to young girls, even as infants, through their clothing options. It was particularly hard to find high-quality clothes that were designed for little girls and that also promoted and celebrated girls’ interest in STEM, sports and leadership.  Wanting to change this, Sabria decided to found Born To Be.


Meet Annie

Annie Ross is the counterpart to this two woman team. Annie is currently pursuing her MBA in South Florida. She is in charge of all marketing content as well as the daily operations of Born to Be. Annie has always been driven, even as a young girl, to be the best she can be at whatever she sets her sights on. Joining Sabria at Born to Be, she is using her business knowledge to share this passion and inspire young girls through their clothing options.


Message From the Founder      

The idea for Born To Be started shortly after the birth of my daughter when I wanted something I couldn’t find.  When I went shopping for my daughter, I found lots of baby girl onesies that said “princess” or “adorable” or were decorated with flowers, hearts, and bows.  But what I wanted was an adorable, creative outfit for my daughter that made a statement about the vast potential I saw in my baby girl.

This wasn’t just about finding clothes to make my daughter stand out. Even though Leila was an infant at the time and didn’t care (or know) what she was wearing, I knew that gender stereotypes influence how adults interact with babies and little girls and that, in turn, influences their development.

I decided to start a clothing company that would make the kind of clothes I wanted to buy for my daughter.  Each clothing item in my line would center around a “born to” theme. For instance, a “Born to Discover” shirt would feature a science-themed design. Hence, the name – Born To Be.

However, as I began researching fabrics and manufacturing, I quickly learned about the labor and environmental abuses that are rampant in the clothing industry. I knew that if I was going to create clothes for the next generation, I couldn’t go the “fast fashion” route.  Born To Be would use sustainable fabrics and seek out manufacturing partners that treated their employees fairly.

It’s been a few years since I first had the idea for Born To Be. It’s had a few stops and starts, as I struggled to balance starting a company from scratch and working full-time as attorney and being a mom to Leila, and now, also to my second child (a baby boy) who was born a year ago.

But through all that time, I’ve continued to think about Born To Be and I’m excited for the company to move forward.

My daughter is now in preschool and, like many preschoolers, hyper aware of gender.  I want her to have access to clothes that she’s eager to wear that normalize female empowerment, rather than reinforce stereotypes.  Clothes that support diversity, rather than implicitly exclude some children through the images that they depict. And clothes that I’m eager for her to wear because I am proud of how they were made.  

These are the types of clothes that Born To Be will provide.  

And since I’ve learned that going at it alone doesn’t work, I now have a team to help me continue turning Born To Be into a reality - not just a company that sells clothes, but a company that is committed to putting its mission to empower little girls from all backgrounds into action.

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